Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Staging Accessory Shopping Trip to Cedros Avenue

I love going up to Solana Beach. I love the art, shops, the restaurants and the gardens. I needed  a few things the other day and decided to make the trek north to the Cedros Avenue Design Distrct in Solana Beach. If you go up, go early, as with most San Diego beach towns there is not a ton of parking. If you have to park a bit far though, you are guaranteed a lovely walk. I always start me trip with a stop in Cedos Cafe for a coffee. I love their patio with all of the funky art and plants. Plus, they are just so darn nice in there! I was pressed for time so it was just one quick trip into the Leaping Lotus (BTW they have the most gorgeous marble stairway in all of San Diego I think) and then back down to La Mesa. I parked a block away and decided to see how many things I could find in that block that made me happy.

Enjoy the slideshow of the happiest one block walk of the day!

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