Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cool Home Trends + Classic Elements = Great Staging Style

Staging a home for sale is not only about accentuating the strengths of a home, those features that most buyers want, but also creating a feeling that buyers envision as their desired lifestyle. Creating that vision means staying up on design trends that people want in your area, as well as balancing classic elements to appeal to a large percentage of potential buyers. That does not mean being boring or "too safe" in choices, no one's dream home looks like an Embassy Suites. (Not that there is a darn thing wrong with them...we just don't want to live there!)

As I contemplated mixing current trends with classic elements of style I came across this awesome video that I think exemplifies my formula of cool trends+classic elements =awesome style. 

Enjoy, have a great weekend, and find inspiration everywhere!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Salvaged Kitchen Cabinet DIY Project

The Industrial Style trend is everywhere. The look has darker color furniture body with salvage or recycled elements, often with a wood top. An entire home in this style is usually best left to lofts or urban condos, but small elements of this style are on trend and can be incorporated into any home. Keeping a blend of timeless style and current trends is vital when staging a home for sale. Budgets however are a reality, and a piece of furniture that only has a supporting role in a room need not cost a fortune to give that same look. 

I love a good challenge. Budget challenge? Bring it on! Time frame challenge? I got it! Neighbor puts old kitchen wall cabinet on the curb? My inner dumpster diver resourceful salvage gal accepted the challenge!

There it is...not much to look at really. (ignore the pallets....we'll talk about that adventure another day) Since this was a wall cabinet there is not a flat top, doors are long gone and...the "best" is not real wood. I know at this point you are thinking I should have just walked on by this beauty but I had a corner in my house though that needed something, this could be it. If not, I will use it in staging loft/industrial style spaces.

This was a straight forward job, so really no pictures. Just steps.

Step 1: Take a damp towel and wipe off really well and let dry.

Step 2: Since this is laminated particle board, it must be primed with a quality primer.

Step 3: Paint. I used spray paint, but you can also use a brush and roller.

Step 4: Attach the top of your choice. I had some old salvaged redwood boards, But be creative....Part of an old door, slab of marble, old table top even old shutters. Use a construction adhesive appropriate for your materials.  (check back of adhesive for this information)

Step 5: Put something heavy on top while adhesive sets. I used bricks, but you can use books, gym weights
what ever you have on hand. Let sit overnight.

Step 6: Step back and enjoy your handiwork!

Styled here for my home, but could easily fit into an Industrial space.

This is an easy project anyone can do. There are no special tools required and you can even do it inside if you are short on yard or garage space.

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