Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY Outdated Lighting Transformation

Beautiful lantern light fixtures in a dark oil rubbed bronze finish are in style now and on many home buyers' wish lists. This fact is something to consider when staging your home for sale. When you look at this picture, do you fall in love a little bit? That is the same feeling I want buyers to have in your home!

I know, I know....brass is coming back you say. Yes, beautiful real brass with an aged patina is clearly making a come back in the current design trends.

These gorgeous brass creatures are not the topic of my conversation today. If you have beautiful real brass fixtures....embrace them or take them down and store them until you feel you can love again. Today's targets are those shiny yellow faux brass fixtures of the 80's and 90's.

According to sandiegorealestate.com one of the top turn offs for home buyers in the San Diego area is outdated decor from the 80's. Hey....the 80's were great, they were fun, but nobody wants them hanging around in the living and dining room or bath room. Literally...those shiny faux brass light fixtures are stopping home buyers from seeing your property as a place they want to live. At the very least they are calculating the cost to have them replaced, and taking that number off of your asking price. Let's be honest, when you create a vision of your dream home....this is not in the picture.

Neither are his friends.

If your SBF (shiny brass fixture) has good lines that are classic, you can fix it up with just a little effort and a can or two of paint. This will take one objection off of potential buyers lists.

Here is the tutorial for updating a light fixture, thus updating your 80's decor.

1. Turn off all power at panel before removing light. (If you are thinking to yourself "what is a panel?" Please go hire an electrician to do this part for you.) Always check power with a voltage meter. Once power is off remove light. Again, if you are not experienced in this please hire an electrician. Here is my SBF. I am redoing it for some clients whose entryway fixture has lines that are too dated to salvage. I bought this for $12.00 on Craigslist.

2. Take pictures of the SBF. Lots of up close pictures.....you will need them later.....trust me on this.

3. Disassemble your SBF as much as possible. Carefully. My SBF was able to be totally taken apart. Some have the glass attached permanently, you will have to tape over the glass inside and out if that is the case. Stay organized so you don't lose parts.

4. Carefully layout all of the metal pieces remove all dust/dirt and lightly coat with Rustoleum Universal Spray Paint. This is the only brand I have used, I can not speak to the effectiveness of other brands. Patience is a virtue here. Light coats, let dry according to label, turn, repeat. 

5. Once paint is dry, reassemble the light. (Here is where all those close ups taken before come in handy.) If you like puzzles, you will LOVE this! If your glass was removable like mine, use blue painters tape to hold it together while reassembling. It will act like another pair of hands.

6. Turn power off at panel again, retest with voltage meter and rehang. Again, If you have no experience or don't know what a panel or voltage meter are...call an electrician.

7. Step back and look at how much money you saved yourself in two places. Two places? Yes! 1st: You did not have to buy a new fixture ($300-ish) 2nd: Your home buyers will not be subtracting the cost of a new fixture and electrician off of your asking price!

Here is a side by side of my light ($12 +$16 for 2 cans of paint) and one from Pottery Barn ($300 )

BTW...mine has lovely beveled glass which looks divine when lit!

Good luck on your home projects whether getting it ready to sell or ready to love!

Happy Painting!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Staging Accessory Shopping Trip to Cedros Avenue

I love going up to Solana Beach. I love the art, shops, the restaurants and the gardens. I needed  a few things the other day and decided to make the trek north to the Cedros Avenue Design Distrct in Solana Beach. If you go up, go early, as with most San Diego beach towns there is not a ton of parking. If you have to park a bit far though, you are guaranteed a lovely walk. I always start me trip with a stop in Cedos Cafe for a coffee. I love their patio with all of the funky art and plants. Plus, they are just so darn nice in there! I was pressed for time so it was just one quick trip into the Leaping Lotus (BTW they have the most gorgeous marble stairway in all of San Diego I think) and then back down to La Mesa. I parked a block away and decided to see how many things I could find in that block that made me happy.

Enjoy the slideshow of the happiest one block walk of the day!

Share a smile today,